Master Chen Peishan 陳沛山 (20. Generation of the Chen Family)

Born in 1962 in Chenjiagou, Henan Province, Mr. Chen Peishan is a 20th generation representative of Chen Style Taijiquan.

He serves as:

  • Chairman, International Society of Chen Taijiquan
  • Chairman, Japan Chen Family Taijiquan Association
  • Honorary President, Chen Style Taijiquan Research Association in Xinxiang City, Henan
  • Honorary President, The French Traditional Chen Taijiquan Association

Mr. Chen (Doctorate Degree, Engineering) studied taijiquan with his father Chen Lixian and his aunt Chen Liqing. His repertoire includes the first and second routines (yilu/erlu) of traditional taijiquan, push-hands (tuishou), joint locking and grappling (qinna), and weaponry as single straight sword (dan jian), single broad sword (dan dao), staff (gun), 13 long pole (shisan gan), double mace (shuang jian), and spring autumn big broadsword (chunjiu dadao) and pear blossom spear with white ape staff (liuhua qiang/baiyuan gun), etc.

He is especially interested in researching taijiquan theory.

Before 1988, Mr. Chen taught taijiquan in throughout Henan and Shanxi Provinces. Since the end of 1988, he has been teaching taijiquan in Japan, Europe, and the USA. He currently lives in Hachinoe.

Master Chen Peishan