Master Chen Peiju 陳沛匊 (20. Generation of the Chen Family)

Ms. Chen Peiju is a 20th generation representative of Chen Family Taijiquan and lives in Chenjiagou, Henan Province. She is one of China’s Taijiquan Champions, ranked as a 6th-degree wushu player. Ms. Chen is a board member of the Wushu Management Center, which is a subdivision of the Physical Culture Committee of Henan Government.

She also serves as:

  • Chairman, International Society of Chen Taijiquan
  • President, Chenguang Taijiquan Association
  • National Wushu Judge
  • First Class National Wushu Coach

Chen Peiju studied taijiquan from her father Chen Lixian and her aunt Chen Liqing. Her repertoire includes the First and Second Routines (yilu/erlu) of traditional taijiquan, push-hands (tuishou), joint locking and grappling (qinna), and weaponry (single straight sword (dan jian), single broadsword (dan dao), staff (gun), 13 long pole (shisan gan), double mace (shuang jian), and spring autumn big broadsword (chunjiu dadao) and pear blossom spear with white ape staff (liuhua qiang/baiyuan gun) ,etc.) and taijiquan theory.

She graduated from Wushu Dept. of Beijing Physical Education Institute.

Master Chen Peiju